Binding your IP License and Royalty Rights to your NFTs is now easier than you think…

When an NFT is created in a smart contract, it does not become  the “Creative Work” (Intellectual Property - IP)  and no rights to that work are created at all- like the right to display on social media,  sell on t-shirts or use it to represent your coffee brand.

The IP rights you grant to your NFT owners (aka community) are the key factors for how your NFTs become digital assets of REAL VALUE.

BUT–  the NFT itself is an EMPTY TOKEN and does not DIGITALLY include these IP rights.

This is a BIG PROBLEM.

Without properly binding IP rights to your NFTs, you risk:

Buyer Confusion/Disputes

Loss of Trust with Community

Lots of Time spent on Discord/Twitter managing IP questions 

Jeopardizing your NFT project, IP and royalty rights

How do we bind the IP rights to your NFTS?

Meaning how do we make this token an OFFICIAL  “digital asset”  that holds clear usage for the attached creative work, royalty rights to you and allows you to authenticate your creative work as REAL (not a copy or fake)?


MINTangible has created the solution to “digitally” bind IP license and rights terms to the NFT’s smart contract and make them accessible directly to buyers in the NFT listing.  This ensures that these terms will be bound to the NFT wherever it travels (sold, traded, gifted) while also allowing the ability to revise or evolve your IP terms over time. 

An NFT with rights protects its value and sets it up for success to transparently monetize and be in integrity with your buyers and community.

With the MINTangible solution, a brand, creator or marketer can “digitally bind” these terms to their new or existing NFTs in 4 Simple Steps.

Step One: Establish IP Use Rights 

Upload your own custom license agreement such as one drafted by your lawyer or choose from vetted, open source NFT license agreements.

Step Two: Register your Work

With both a universal ID and an algorithmic fingerprint. 

Arm your NFT with a way to track usage of your Creative Works on the blockchain and over the Internet to ensure license compliance and detect forgeries.

Step Three: Verify your Identity

Ensure your NFT buyers that they are buying “OFFICIAL” NFTs from the true IP owner of the Creative Works. VERIFYING your “authentic” NFTS from fakes and imposters by authenticating your wallet with your social media and other accounts.

Step Four:  Your NFT is MINTangified. 

An IP Rights Structure is generated and digitally bound to your NFT. 


Your NFT is issued the official MINTangible SHIELD that you can place on any of your website to assure your buyers that your NFT has certified IP License Terms.

MINTangible Certified and Registered

About MINTangible, Inc.

 The leading company dedicated to IP and Rights in Web3 and with a mission to elevate the trust, transparency and value of legitimate NFTS.  MINTangible is built by IP lawyers and Web3 tech experts.

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