How do you take NFTs beyond the hype?

So… What’s Merchproof?

Merchproof is a premium merchandise ecosystem built on token-gated technology. It offers exclusive Ecommerce experiences driven from crypto wallets, and premium customized products; sustainably produced in the US. 

If you have a NFT collection and you want to indulge your audience by offering really special physical products to them, Merchproof offers many different types of experiences through its B2B token-gated merchandise offering.

The first major NFT collection to partner with Merchproof is World of Women, a juggernaut, female-led collection among the top-selling NFT collections globally. World of Women turned to Merchproof this year in search of an optimized customized apparel and ecommerce experience for its supporters. Thanks to Merchproof’s proprietary Ecommerce and manufacturing technology, World of Women is now able to offer beautiful, ultra-premium custom merch for all 33,000+ NFTs in their collection.

Those who attended this year’s Las Vegas W3BX event were able to see a sneak peek of WoW’s new apparel collection, which was created by the WoW design team in collaboration with Merchproof. The full collection will be launched, token-gated to selected WoW collectors only, on October 31st.

In addition to the B2B model, Merchproof is also launching a new Direct-to-Collector solution for collectors of blue-chip NFT collections. This new solution allows them to create highly curated, ultra-premium custom apparel using their own NFTs as the primary character in the design. The solution is currently only available to certain collectors, but Merchproof envisions a future where almost every type of NFT intellectual property can be used to create dynamic physical product experiences.

Who are the people behind Merchproof?

Merchproof was co-founded by Merchadise, a revolutionary ecommerce-driven ecosystem for customized products. Merchadise provides Merchproof with the entire ecosystem that is necessary to sell, produce and deliver these premium, customized NFT products. 

Merchadise and Merchproof have completely integrated the entire journey of building and launching ecommerce stores, handling design and art processes for garments, producing the products (they have their own factories, named MerchFarm, in Southern California), and fulfilling the orders. 

1-of-1 Merchandise and Community Engagement

Merchproof CEO, Alex Phelan, explains that one of the first elements to catch his attention about the NFT space was the compelling storytelling behind every collection. And how supporters were not just simple “followers”, but characters that were part of that bigger story. “It’s amazing to see how every member of the community has their own digital identity, their own virtual persona”, he explains. Merchproof builds unique merch experiences to take those stories into the physical space, enabling NFT supporters to share their virtual self with a physical dimension.

Get in touch

If you’re looking to create unique merch experiences for your community, you can contact the Merchproof team at info@merchproof.com

Or visit merchproof.com