Alumni Ventures

Alumni Ventures is a network-powered venture capital firm, disrupting the venture industry for both companies raising capital and investors seeking access to this asset class. We invest alongside many of the most well-known venture firms: Andreessen Horowitz, Sequoia, Greylock Partners, First Round, and Thrive Capital.

For ENTREPRENEURS, we provide transparent, low-friction, value-add capital to innovative, high-growth companies from pre-seed through late stage. Our ~50 VCs are continually scouting and conducting due diligence on thousands of investment opportunities per year, and our central CEO Services team is dedicated to helping our portfolio companies succeed through bespoke services and by leveraging the power of our vast network.

For INDIVIDUAL INVESTORS, we make investing in professional venture capital simple and accessible. Each of our over two dozen annual vintage funds provides investors with a smart, robust, and diversified venture portfolio. With quality access to investment opportunities and approachable fund minimums, true venture investing has never been more accessible. Choose your fund and let AV do the rest, or actively evaluate and opt into additional syndication fund investments.