HyperGuap was founded in 2020 by Galileo Russell (aka Gali).

In 2021 we raised and deployed $21M+ across 9 deals. We currently have 1,000+ members.

In 2022, we raised an $8M+ VC Fund called Atlantis to invest alongside the HyperGuap syndicate.

The mission of HyperGuap is to create a community of investors, funding a brighter future. And have fun doing it :)

I started my YouTube channel HyperChange in 2017 to document my investing journey. Since then I’ve dedicated my life to following the entrepreneurs and companies that are building the future I want to live in.

In 2019 I began investing in private companies aka ‘angel investing’, or being a micro VC. Since then I’ve personally built a portfolio of more than 20 startups, and have learned a ton. My personal portfolio is: SpaceX, Rainbow Wallet, Public, Dadi, Atoms, Alt, Pure Watercraft, Pipe, Genies, Lightship RV, Carta, Bumblebee Spaces, Alloy Automation, Pallet, Haus, DMN8, Pigeon Loans, Starman Studios, Community & more.