Jointer is a commercial real estate blockchain startup with a combined $400B+ market cap worth of team experience remotely based in Silicon Valley, CA and Tel Aviv, Israel. Jointer is a Draper Network Venture and multi-award winning company. Awards include a $1,000,000 “Best Startup in the World” prize in 2018 during a worldwide competition between 4,000 startups and 196 countries, winner of the Disruptive Startup Award at Stanford University in 2019 by a panel of Google, SoftBank, Bain Capital, Thomson Reuters, Stanford Angels, BMW, Andreessen, NEA, and other top VC Funds, first place for the Disruptor Daily “Blockchain in Real Estate” Disruptor Award, and the most promising venture from the Carnegie Mellon University US-China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Association.

Jointer created a fund of funds syndication economy utilizing the blockchain while providing uncorrelated returns, diversification, and unlimited liquidity. The syndication economy is powered by a world’s first patent-pending multilayer system that helps to increase the company’s valuation daily while preventing a value decrease, regardless of market volatility or any manipulation. This syndication economy system can be applied to a multitude of industries, including insurance, venture capital, and many more.

Jointer’s first use case will be commercial real estate to solve the problem where many businesses lease properties for years and even decades allowing landlords to benefit from rent cash flow and property appreciation. Using the syndication economy, Jointer solves this by offering a joint venture partnership to current and potential commercial real estate owners by allowing them to contribute 1% of the property’s value and receive 50% ownership in the property. Jointer accomplishes this by leveraging blockchain technology to create a syndication model which raises funds from the public by offering a new type of asset class with double the returns than a REIT.

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