Jointer is a decentralized financial (DeFi) quantum finance model for Metaverse virtual real estate based on a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) established in 2017 in Silicon Valley, CA and expanded to include Tel Aviv, Israel. Jointer has invested talent, resources, and funds to build an alternative to Metaverse syndication, scaling the needs of investors and creators in a complete and independent end-to-end blockchain syndication and investment solution. 

In addition to Draper Venture Network inclusion, Jointer’s prestigious advisory group includes Nobel Prize Winners, the previous Chairman of the SEC, the previous Vice Chairman of the NASDAQ, founder of Visa, the previous Chief Economist of the U.S. Department of State, founder of LA Blockchain Summit (CIS), the CFO of Yahoo, the co-creator of Bitcoin’s prototype, and other luminaries. 

Jointer created a Decentralized Venture Capital (DVC) is a fund with a potential no loss strategy built through smart contracts and the ability to add up to 100% downside protection. The DVC contract allows the creator to deploy funds or to act as a General Partner (GP) and welcome Limited Partners (LP) as backers to contribute funds to the DVC . 

Jointer presents Metaverse solutions by providing sustainable liquidity, buy pressure, and pump then dump removal through the world’s first metaverse marketplace that includes Decentralized Venture Capital, 100% Downside Protection, and Multilevel Ownership.

The DVC criteria is set by the creator, automatically triggering buying and selling of Metaverse NFTs through specific, preselected investment criteria. Criteria options allow DVCs to set the Downside Protection amount offered, specific collections, maximum or minimum investment amount, and many other optional criteria like popularity rate, volume, and more.

DVC creators, much like a GP, can choose to charge a carry or fixed success fees from the profit of their LPs. Akin to real world GPs, DVCs are incentivized to bring added value to the portfolio by marketing, promoting, or by building on top of the lands to directly add value vs waiting for market forces to appreciate the land.

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