Do you want your NFTs to be real assets that hold and grow value over the long term? If so, you need to structure them properly - beyond simple tokens into trust, transparent and legally sound assets.

MINTangible is a Web3 company that will help you do that.

Creators, Brands and Companies- you can now easily create and digitally bind a certified IP rights structure to your NFTs and works- only 4 simple steps, includes having your wallet and works registered to help fight off copy theft and imposters (with copy monitoring and verified identity)- trust services.

Minting Platforms/Services- get an easy API integration of a certified IP rights structure solution and trust services to offer to your customers.

NFT IP Lawyers- we are an enterprise grade trusted Web3 infrastructure partner for your clients to digitally bind professionally drafted IP licenses and terms to NFTs and have the nft, licensor identity and works registered for trust services.