MXC Foundation

Inspiring fast, efficient, decentralized data exchanges using LPWAN-Blockchain Technology.

MXC automates machine to machine (M2M) transactions, decentralizing big data and enabling a device data economy. With the introduction of the Machine Exchange Coin (MXC), adopters of LPWAN technologies can trade LPWAN Gateway access or sensor data for MXC. This exchange is automated using smart contracts running on the Machine Exchange Protocol (MXProtocol).

Based in Berlin, MXC is a non-profit foundation promoting the global adoption of LPWAN technology. Our team believes that MXC paired with LPWAN is the next step in the fourth industrial revolution, enabling smart cities and providing public access to big data. 

By introducing the Machine Exchange Coin and the Machine Exchange Protocol, MXC gives everyone a chance to profit from a more intelligent infrastructure. This makes MXC the future of IoT.