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Tuesday, 8th December 2020

NFTs Are Revolutionizing Art, Franchise Rights, Fashion and SO Much More

On this episode of Blockchain & Booze, we're discussing the development of non-fungible tokens with:

- FEWOCiOUS, 17-year-old artist who just sold one of her pieces for $21,000!

- Jordan Lyall, Founding Degen of MEME

- Emma-Jane MacKinnon-Lee, Co-founder of DIGITALAX

- Alex Atallah, Co-founder of OpenSea

- Javier Keough of DeFi Money Market Foundation

- Alon Goren and host Adam Levy of Draper Goren Holm!

NFTs are on the rise with the birth of new artists and the onboarding of existing talent all searching for how this new wave of digital goods is revolutionizing how we envision the future of art, retail, and beyond.

Alex Atallah

Co-Founder - OpenSea

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