Autumn Penaloza

Head of Community (Americas)
Algorand Foundation

A passionate builder at the intersection of marketing / community / biz dev, I thrive on wrapping my arms around early-mid stage companies to establish voice and industry position, build community and drive growth with targeted marketing, content and partnership strategies. I’ve worked with numerous startups across technology, consumer goods, and health and wellness sectors. My college and early professional days were devoted to environmental preservation and research, so I'm drawn to social impact-driven tech companies that prioritize global good alongside revenue.

Recently, the potential of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies to drive social change and re-create economies has captured my attention. I spent two years leading marketing and community for a female-founded blockchain technology mining company called shEOS. We operated validator nodes for six global blockchain networks, and funneled a portion of our revenue into the shEOS Foundation, which provided technology scholarships for girls and young women in marginalized countries. Building and leading the global shEOS community was a tremendous honor and experience that I look forward to applying to every venture going forward.

Autumn speaking at BLOCKCHAIN & BOOZE

Tuesday, 7th December 2021

Blockchain Takeover

Alon Goren chatting with Elizabeth Baran, Autumn Penaloza and Piergiacomo Palmisani about celebrating the #Algorand ecosystem with the Algorand Foundation!

Autumn Penaloza

Head of Community (Americas) - Algorand Foundation

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