Cristian Olea

Managing Partner
Manutara Ventures

Venture Capital Investor, and always an Entrepreneur and Business Leader.

I am a passionate for Innovation and I work in Investing, Building and Scaling Technology Companies in Latin America to the US and China.

I have a special interest in Artificial Intelligence Technologies, Cybersecurity, Blockchain and B2B SaaS type of Businesses

Cristian speaking at LA BLOCKCHAIN SUMMIT

Tuesday, 1st November 2022

The Art of Raising: Fundraising strategies and wisdom from VCs

It is widely known that raising funds is not a skill one is born with but an art one masters over time. Join these titans of the venture capital world as they shed light on some of the most successful pitches they have come across in their illustrious careers.

Cristian Olea

Managing Partner - Manutara Ventures

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