Greg Mike

Founder & Creative Director

Born and raised in Connecticut, childhood trips to NYC in the mid-’80s exposed "Greg Mike" Mensching to the creative potential of reinventing public spaces through art and design. Always obsessed with the boundless energy and crisp line work of iconic American mid-century cartoons, by his early teens Greg began using the walls on the streets to fuse these two passions together. Further inspired by his deep involvement with skate culture and his intersections with the design world, he has become known for pieces that incorporate vivid explosions of incandescent color filtered through a Surrealist Pop Art perspective. Populated by gleefully twisted characters, his world is unsettling, mischievous and uniquely captivating.

Greg Mike has painted murals in Atlanta, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and the Swiss Alps, to name a few. His studio work is currently on view in galleries and museums in Atlanta, Paris, Saint-Tropez, Taipei, Shanghai, New York City, and Los Angeles and more.

Currently based in Atlanta, Greg Mike is the founder and creative director of ABV AGENCY + GALLERY, a multi-platform creative studio specializing in graphic design, street art, mural installations, art direction and more. A hub for innovators, ABV also functions as a contemporary gallery space exhibiting over 350+ artists from around the world.

In 2015, Greg Mike founded OuterSpace Project, an event series that merges public art, live music, design, action sports and culture which has produced over 85+ murals throughout the city of Atlanta.

Greg speaking at BLOCKCHAIN & BOOZE

Tuesday, 13th April 2021

Discover The Metassance & Web3's Creative Revolution

It’s hard to overlook the rapid growth of the metaverse - we heard Stani share his excitement around it on session 54 of Blockchain & Booze - and the creative renaissance it has sparked.

With millions of dollars invested in NFTs, creators becoming overnight successes, and the rapid demand for web3 platforms, there’s no way I could avoid not talking about this revolution on BB.

So on session 55 of Blockchain & Booze, host Adam Levy drinks with some of the OGs who’ve helped sparked this creative energy.

Join NFT bull Whale Shark, muralist turned NFT artist GREGMIKE, and the legendary digital and animation artist FVCKRENDER.

These three are the cream of the crop! We love their work and the communities they’ve built around their respective passions.

Greg Mike

Founder & Creative Director - ABV AGENCY + GALLERY

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