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Barbarian: Path of the Berserker
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As a blockchain theorist and cryptocurrency evangelist, I have been involved in the cryptocurrency marketspace since 2013. I was the winner of the 2014 Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation / Global Development Network Prize for the creation of the “AidDollar,” a novel blockchain-based solution to solve the problems endemic to foreign aid. As a member of several cryptocurrency development teams, I am a well-known figure in parts of the global cryptocurrency community and am frequently seen sitting on panel discussions focused on the use of blockchain to disrupt various entrenched ecosystems.

I have also served as a technical writer and marketing consultant for several notable cryptocurrency projects, including XP, Verge, Reddcoin, and a number of ICO projects. I am currently the Director of Quoxent, a cryptocurrency focused on developing a research ecosystem for sustainable energy, as well as the VP of Global Business for Moiin, a South Korean based VR hardware and software development company.

Prior to my work in the cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystems, I worked as a premier academic consultant helping students gain admission to top programs around the world.

Jason speaking at BLOCKCHAIN & BOOZE

Tuesday, 16th February 2021

NFTs & Gaming

Tonight on session 47 of Blockchain & Booze, host Adam Levy welcomes Craig Russo of Polyient Games, Jesse Reich of Splinterlands, and Jason Brink of Gala Games as we chat about why gaming NFTs are blowing up (let alone the entire industry) and are garnering the price tag of hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars!

It’s crazy to see how much money people are investing in their virtual worlds, so it’s exciting to hear from all of them how they envision this sector unfolding over the next few years.

Jason Brink

Barbarian: Path of the Berserker - Gala Games

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