Jesse Reich

Chief Executive Officer

In college Dr. Reich studied theater, chemistry, and education. He immediately moved on to graduate school at Texas A&M University. When he graduated he worked for BASF, the world's largest chemical company. Due to family health concerns he left industry and spent a year teaching in an inner city high school followed by a year spent in a wealthier district school district. He then started professing at the college level at a military college in Massachusetts.

While teaching he adopted software in his class that pushed his students to new heights. After sharing his experience with the software he used in his course with the publishing company they offered him a job selling the software to other professors. It launched a 10 year publishing career. He sold software to prestigious schools like Harvard, Brown, and Yale and he also sold to giant schools like Ohio State and Northern Arizona University.

Two side projects ultimately merged to lead him to co-found As a life long passionate gamer Dr. Reich had created a kickstarter game and raised $21,000 in the process. It was fun as a hobby, but he saw the challenges that arose with creating large quantities of physical products. He created a second game, but held off on publishing it until later.

In 2016 he started using the blockchain based blogging platform to have an immutable place to free write on topics he wanted to investigate. After realizing that this blogging tool was an incredibly powerful tool towards protecting economic liberty and freedom of speech he got heavily involved. He founded a Discord group of like minded people called the Peace, Abundance, and Liberty Network with 20,000 people in it. And he became an elected official on the Steem Blockchain. He was approached by his partner Matt Rosen to work on a marketing platform together.

While at a meeting in Philly they launched their marketing platform, but also discovered they both had a love for gaming. Matt suggested they launch a trading card game, and Dr. Reich shared he had one essentially built. The resulting game was

Since that meeting in April of 2018 the game has been played tens of millions of times, the cards are collectively worth millions of dollars, players have traded over a million dollars worth of cards with each other, and it's become the most frequently played game in crypto!

Dr. Reich focuses his time on fund raising, sales, marketing, financials, game development, and community development.

Jesse speaking at BLOCKCHAIN & BOOZE

Tuesday, 16th February 2021

NFTs & Gaming

Tonight on session 47 of Blockchain & Booze, host Adam Levy welcomes Craig Russo of Polyient Games, Jesse Reich of Splinterlands, and Jason Brink of Gala Games as we chat about why gaming NFTs are blowing up (let alone the entire industry) and are garnering the price tag of hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars!

It’s crazy to see how much money people are investing in their virtual worlds, so it’s exciting to hear from all of them how they envision this sector unfolding over the next few years.

Jesse Reich

Chief Executive Officer - Splinterlands

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