Jesse Sloss

Seed Club

Jess is the instigator at Seed Club, the social token incubator. Backed by leaders in the crypto and creator economy space, Seed Club helps creators and communities launch and grow successful social tokens.

Previously Jess was the co-founder at Blimp, a collaboration space for real estate professionals and led Community for Protos Asset Management, a leading provider of systematic crypto and Defi exposure.

In a past life Jess was the Director of Digital Media at Artist Booking and Management company The Feldman Agency where he led the digital launch of its US subsidiary Parallel 49 Agency, and has consulted on digital initiatives for Feldman clients such as as Sarah Mclaughlin, Diana Krall, Hedley, Mother Mother and more.

He’s driven a TukTuk across Indonesia, helped an indie band get a major label record deal, put 20m+ views on a poetry video (and get the poet on the main stage of TED just 3 days after we launched), helped launch one of the first Security Tokens and founded a cryptocurrency startup at the height of the crypto bubble (ouch).

Jesse speaking at BLOCKCHAIN & BOOZE

Tuesday, 30th March 2021

Social Tokens & The Creator Economy

Hear from Andrew Masanto of Bitclout List and Jess Sloss of Seed Club as we chat on all things social tokens, the creator economy, and all that it brings!

Jesse Sloss

Instigator - Seed Club

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