Johnney Zhang

Founder & CEO
USPC & Primior

Johnney Zhang is a serial entrepreneur, real estate investor, blockchain tech executive, and philanthropist. He has built an impressive empire with his real estate investment, development, and management firm, Primior, which has managed over $2B in assets. In addition to being the Founder and Managing Partner of Primior, he is also executive chairmanat Xnergy Financial, an international investment banking group. In 2022, Johnney combined his real estate, finance, and investing expertise with his knowledge of the latest advancements in blockchain technology to create United States Property, Inc. (USPC). USPC is a new cryptocurrency that is backed by income-producing real estate assets in the United States, providing global investors with a more liquid way of accessing the U.S. real estate market while also removing the associated pains and costs of traditional investing. USPC allows investors to retain self-custody over their investments while getting unprecedented access to the US property market — breaking down barriers and democratizing generational wealth for all.

Johnney speaking at BLOCKCHAIN & BOOZE

Wednesday, 1st March 2023

Tokenizing Real World Assets, Premium Real Estate with USPC

Alon Goren chatting with Johnney Zhang, John Russo, Mohsin Masud and Jake Ryan about democratization of real estate investing & stable investment oppostunities!

Johnney Zhang

Founder & CEO - USPC & Primior

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