Kelley Weaver

Melrose PR

Kelley Weaver is the CEO of Melrose PR, the leading public relations and content marketing agency specializing in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Kelley has been featured and quoted by the LA Times, Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc, LA Business Journal, Business Rockstars, and many more. In 2013, Kelley made a successful pitch on the hit television show, "Shark Tank" with her past company, “pursecase”, which she then led to a successful exit. In 2016, Kelley dove head-first into the world of blockchain technology and hasn’t looked back. It’s been a wild ride.

Kelley is a die-hard blockchain advocate who is passionate about sharing how decentralized technology will change the world. Kelley’s company, Melrose PR, focuses on telling the stories of technological innovation, societal impact, and the decentralized economic revolution taking place in the blockchain and digital asset industries. Blockchain tech is still young, and its messaging requires knowledgeable and passionate individuals entrenched in the space to help make it understandable and appealing to non-crypto enthusiasts. Melrose PR considers it a responsibility to take that leadership role, educate the skeptics, and ensure that the message is strong and clear – blockchain is the future of technology, business, and the world.

Kelley also hosts Crypto Token Talk, a podcast focused on innovations in blockchain and cryptocurrency. Each episode features an interview with an industry insider, expert, or project founder. Guests discuss everything from their journey into crypto to best use cases for the technology and predictions for the future. Appealing to newbies and seasoned veterans alike, Crypto Token Talk is an entertaining resource for all things crypto and blockchain.

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