Nichanan Kesonpat

Meta Gamma Delta

Currently writing, and building on Ethereum. Interested in the biosciences, human behavior, web & mobile development, open source projects, and inter-disciplinary collaboration. You can find my writing on blockchain and other things at

I have a background in neurobiology and behavioral science, and began my career building teams of software engineers, data scientists, and machine learning engineers at startups in San Francisco (WalkMe, Instacart). I then relocated to Bangkok and joined ThoughtWorks as the first operations hire, and helped scale the teams and processes locally.

Nichanan speaking at BLOCKCHAIN & BOOZE

Tuesday, 29th September 2020

All Things Related to Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs)

On this week's Blockchain & Booze, we discuss all things related to decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) with:

Nichanan Kesonpat from Meta Gamma Delta

John Kelleher from Level K

James Waugh from MetaCartel (

Ivan Sucharski from Deep DAO

Marc Aniballi of CasperLabs

Adam Levy from Draper Goren Holm

Nichanan Kesonpat

Meta Gamma Delta

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