Sharonna Karni Cohen

Co-Creator & Dreamer

Passionate about the imagination, co-creation and art.

Current Initiative: The Big Dream: We are collecting 100,000 visions from around the world about our planet 10 years from today. The dreams will be turned into art by hundreds of artists and projected globally on monumental spaces & outer space.

Dreame is turning the imagination, our stories, goals, memories, ideas and anything we can dream up into art. We are a collective of artists, psychologists and designers empowering the co-creator in each of us. We also host workshops for individuals and companies to envision the future.

As seen in The Atlantic, Time Magazine, mindbodygreen, Noisey, International Herald Tribune, Elle, Time Out.

Collaborators & Exhibitions: Google, Paypal, DHL, Cathay Pacific, IBM, Cisco, Amdocs, WeWork, UBS, WSC Sports, 2B Angels, Coller Capital, Noisey, Innovation Endeavors, Duke University, Start-Up Nation Central, Tinder, Build, Confetti, Monday, Jet Token, Eurowag, JFN, Charles & Lyn Schusterman Foundation, Ramon Foundation, The Peres Center for Peace & Innovation, ZAZ10TS and many more.

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