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I am currently a fourth-year medical student studying at the Medical College of Georgia's AU/UGA Medical Partnership in Athens, Ga. My background and passion is engineering, entrepreneurship, startups, and patents. I spent 4+ years with our startup Ichor, and then 3 years teaching Engineering Entrepreneurship at UGA. My time teaching at UGA focused on the intersection of engineering, intellectual property, and entrepreneurship. I have also spent time with UGA’s Innovation Gateway mentoring university-led startups, and the National Science Foundation’s Innovation-Corps teaching startup bootcamps.

I would love to leverage these experiences to get involved in myoelectric and/or osseo-integrated prosthetics.

Ty speaking at BLOCKCHAIN & BOOZE

Tuesday, 8th February 2022

NFTs that Empower

Alon Goren chatting with Keith Marshall, Ty Frix, Aaron Murray and Ronin about enabling a brighter future for all collegiate athletes with The Players Lounge!

Ty Frix

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